Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yellowstone River August Float Trip

Floating the Yellowstone River through the Paradise Valley is wonderful during the summer.  My Dad and I recently spent two days and two nights floating most of the Paradise Valley.  Hot and windy weather made the fishing slow, but the scenery and birds were the highlight of the trip.  The water level is noticeably lower than years past and the moss was prolific.

The high water visibility and green moss made for a cool water color, but I felt for the fish who are competing for that oxygen in the warm river. I think it's about time for any angler to hang up their rod until we get some cool weather and the water temps cool down.
I outfitted my Dad's sunglasses with the ARC Endless, and brought along my favorite Ray Ban's with a trusty emerald color Suiter.  It felt so good to use the products that I make at work every day in my own back yard. Not too many people get to do that.

- C. Schultz - Croakies Designer

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Croakie Retires After 10 Years of Travel & Play

We usually don't post customer letters, but this one is the exception, because of how cool it is.  Imagine  one Croakie manufactured, sold, and shipped from Bozeman, 10 years ago.  Landing in the hands of Norrm, a bona fied river rat and travel enthusiast, who will end up testing this product for 10 years.  Oh the adventures this Croakie went on!  It fills us with pride to know that our product was so useful, and proved to last.  What a great story and awesome customer. 

Thanks Norm! We love ya man!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Phase II Pathway along Highway 89 Opens in GTNP - Grand Teton National Park

Wonderful news for Jackson!

Just in time for summer, construction of the 6.5 mile pathway, from Gros Ventre River to the Moose Junction finished this week, and is open to the public tomorrow, Wed. May 23, 2012.  This connects with the 12.5 mile  pathway from the Dornan's to the south of Jenny Lake.  Over 20 miles of multi use public pathways, through the Elk Refuge and well into Grand Teton National Park.  Let the adventure begin!

Phase II Pathway along Highway 89 Opens in GTNP - Grand Teton National Park

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

String Cheese Incident vs. Ticketmaster

String Cheese Incident and some fans take on Ticketmaster by scalping their own tickets with no service charge.  See the NY Times article here...  We are a big fan of SCI, and even make some of their swag.