This is a page of testimonials & stories from Croakies® customers.

"Croaked out friend for life", a very nice testimonial from Charlie

-Friday, July 22, 2011

Good morning, My name is Charlie and I would just like to take a quick minute to tell you how much I love your product. I have had countless Croakies over the years and time and time again, I must say they have saved my glasses in many different situations. On the Lake, playing sports, Horseback riding, you name it. I just love the versatility of the Croakies brand, the color schemes, the styles, no matter what I am wearing whether it be a three piece suit or my speedo when i am swimming I know my glasses will always be there around my neck safe and sound because of my wonderful Croakies. So thank you, thank you so very much. If you happen to have a catalog or newsletter, anything I would love to get more information so I can stay on top of everything Croakie. Your Croaked out friend for life, Charlie

in response... Charlie, you are our life blood, thank you for continuously putting Croakies to the test! - CS

Good for FIFTEEN YEARS! by Andrew

Hi Croakies,
Today I am ordering a new Croakies Micro Suiters - to replace the one that failed. Here's the AMAZING thing though .... The one I had failed after FIFTEEN YEARS! I regularly used, including very hot (and sweaty) day riding my bicycle in the Texas heat. Until it broke, I didn't realize how GOOD it was. Once it broke, I removed it from my sunglasses, and found that they no longer fit well and they no longer stayed in play while riding my bike. I didn't have the cord tightened up while riding my bike, but the presence of the Micro Suiter on the arms of my glasses, behind my ears, helper them stay in place in the hot Texas sun. How often can one say that a product has served well, and reliably, for 15 years? MANY THANKS. This is an EXCELLENT product.
Andrew J.
Houston, TX

in response...
Andrew, you may have done the longest R&D test we've ever had on a Micro Suiter. Well done! We hope your next one is just as sturdy and trusty as the old. We still make them the way we did 15 years ago, right here in Bozeman, so they should stack up. - CS

A testament to the quality of Croakies:

Riley (8 months) pulled one of the straps off of my shades so I set them on top of my truck, put him in his car seat and closed the door (forgetting about the shades). This is how my shades rode to Riley's doctor's appt. on Friday. -- 4 miles, 2 lefts and a right. A miracle I tell you, a miracle!
- Ross W.
January 19, 2010

Excellent Customer Service:

Early last week I mailed a Tight End cord retainer to your company. I had purchased the retainer two days earlier and the small silicon grip broke open while my Ray-Bans were in the case. I returned the retainer with the packaging, minus receipt which I later found. To my surprise, yesterday, unsolicited, I received a package with three different Croakie products.

I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate this gesture. This goes above and beyond the usual customer service response and should be recognized. I'm a volunteer at an air museum and attend air events from Miramar to the Nationals in Reno which affords me lots of face time with sunglass wearing crowds. Please believe me when I say I'll be an ardent spokesman for the Croakies line and especially the customer support group. This weekend, the Original Croakies will be worn at CAF Air Show in San Diego.

Again, your action is greatly appreciated and I look forward to sharing my good news Croakie story often.

Bill H.
San Diego, CA

Great Product:

Mon, 28 Dec 2009
I have had my Croakies key chain for at least 12 years, if not a little longer. I worked at CVS Pharmacy in college and bought it there at that time. I have a black, side-squeeze key chain that separates into two parts. It has endured many things, but mostly just a long, long time. I look at it every so often and think, this is so old, I should probably get a new one. But then I think - why? It's doing just fine. I didn't know if Croakies still even existed, so I googled it and found the website. I just wanted to let the company know that it has such a durable key chain. I don't even remember how much I paid for it, but I have gotten probably twenty times my money's worth, at least. Thanks for a great product!
Jaime N.

Welcome Home:
...It was a welcoming site to see the Croakies waiting on me in St. John when I arrived! They absolutely made my trip and saved my new pair of Maui Jim's on more than one occasion. You make an awesome product that is worth its weight in gold. Thanks for the pairs of Croakies!

A very generous Amazon Customer Review on Sewn Leather Cords