Friday, November 21, 2008

How To Maintain Eyeglasses

Steps to Keeping your eyeglasses clean

• Don't put your glasses on the top of your head. This can distort the shape, and there's a greater chance of them falling off and getting damaged that way. Use Croakies eyewear retainers to securely hang your glasses from the neck.

• Grasp the lenses by putting your thumb at the bottom and fingers at the top, and them move them to where you want them to sit on your face.

• Try a Croakies Microfiber Optical Cleaning Cloth or Chamois Cleaning Cloth. To clean them, hold your glasses firmly in one hand. Take the cloth in your preferred hand and gently rub both sides of each lenses until you can see no smudges. Breathe on them gently so that you can see any spots you missed in the fog, and wipe them quickly, before it evaporates.

• Use lens cleaning spray, available on Spray a small amount on both sides of each lens, and repeat the above.

• Sometimes the screws that hold the arms on can come loose, which makes the arms not able to 'grip' the sides of your head as well. Use an eyeglass repair kit, like Croakies Lens Cleaning Kit, Optical Care Kit, and Universal Repair Tool, to repair your glasses. These are available on our website.

• Have them adjusted once or twice per year. This goes with the above step. If you go back to where you got them every six months to one year, they will most likely adjust your glasses free of charge. The optical technician will examine them for wear and tear, tighten any loose screws, check the fit again, just as if it were the day you bought them, and make them just like new.

• Keep your glasses safe and accessible when you are driving, with Croakies Shade Shacks. Easy to use, they clip onto your visor.

Here are Croakies products that can help you take care of your eyeglasses.
Eyewear Retainers, Shade Shacks, Lens Cleaning Kit, Optical Care Kit, Universal Repair Tool