Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Jackson Hole, WY (May 26, 2009) - Croakies®, the leader in innovative functional accessories, introduces its NEW FISHSKIN™ Prints. Graphically realistic prints of the skin of Rainbow Trout, Brown trout and Brook Trout like nothing that has ever been produced anywhere before.

FISHSKIN™ prints come in a variety of products including Cotton Suiters®, adjustable eyewear retainers, Croakies Fishing Lanyards and seven different styles of Croakies Belts. Created with Croakies sublimation technology and made in Bozeman, Montana these prints are becoming the rage amongst outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

FISHSKIN™ prints join the Croakies family of sublimated Fish prints including Northern Game Fish on the original Croakies and Suiters® as well as our realistic reproduction of Tarpon, Marlin, Bonefish, Brown Trout and Rainbow trout on Croakies Belts.

Croakies FISHSKIN™ products are available at better outdoor stores everywhere, and on our website (