Thursday, July 7, 2011

News in the Croakies Area

There are 2 regional news stories that have made national news in the last week, that are worthy of a blog post. First, the Yellowstone Oil Spill, that happened last Friday July 2nd, and the recent Bear Attack in Yellowstone.

This article from Forbes talks about the recent mauling in Yellowstone Park. A bear attack is really a very rare event and an unfortunate incident. Although we are sad the hiker died, we are glad that park officials have decided not to kill the mother bear, because it has been determined that she was acting to protect her cubs. Bear awareness is key to visiting the park and safely enjoying the trails. Carry bear spray on you at all times in the backcountry.

The Yellowstone Oil Spill is deeply upsetting to me personally, because I'm very familiar with that area and understand what has been effected. This winter was a big snow winter in this area, and the Yellowstone River has been in a larger than normal flood stage for quite some time. The pipeline was severed by the high water and debris. This is going to have a large impact on many acres of wetlands and farm fields, where the crude oil has bee pushed into from the high water. I hope as much can be cleaned up as possible and the ecosystem rebounds after time. There are lessons to be gained from this and my hope is that we rethink our current view of flood plains and we move oil infrastructure out of dangerous areas.